Minimum of 67% Buyout Premium Almost Guaranteed as Express Channelling J. Crew

The clothing retailer giant, Express is all set to target shoppers aged between 20 and 30, which will be valued anything between $23 and $27 per share in a sale that was based on other retail buyouts in the past. This indicates a premium of nearly 67%.

Sycamore Partners, a private-equity firm which acquired Hot Topic Inc. the previous year stated yesterday that it was interested in taking over the rest of Express’ 90.1% that it did not own. The company’s market value was roughly $1.14 billion yesterday and about $51 million as of the previous month.

The purchasers of U.S. clothing retailers in the last 5 years had paid a median value that is 9.3 times the earnings of 12 months prior to interest, amortization, taxes and depreciation as per data that was put together by Bloomberg highlighting transactions in excess of $500 million. This will end up in a takeover rate of around $27 per share for Ohio-based Express, which will give it an enterprise value (including stakes of Sycamore) of $2.2 billion.

Similar transaction include the buyout of Hot Topic apart from deals by Charming Shoppes Inc, Rue21 Inc. and J. Crew Group Inc. These apparel chains went on sale for a discount of 13% to sales that trailed for 12 months as per the data compiled by Bloomberg. This has suggested a somewhat lower offer of around $23 per share for Express. The stock of Express went up by 20% at 12:41pm New York Time to $16.32, which was a good signal for investors for the buyout of at least that amount.

A deal of per share for $23 could be mean 67% premium on the average price in the trading over last 20 days. On an average, the estimates by analysts for the shares will be trading for around $16 an item within a year if the company is not taken over, according to the data collected by Bloomberg.

The leveraged buyouts have lost their popularity in the last year since the US stock indexes touched new records. The LBOs that were public to private stood at only 6% of all of US’s deals of private equity this year including April as compared to the 50% average over the last decade; this was found out by the analysts by Bloomberg News.

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